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  • Reasons for Personalised Polo Shirts

    Polo shirts are quite popular with all age groups. They are great for work, leisure and even for those casual outings with family and friends. Just about everyone you know will have quite a number of polo shirts in their collection. And if you are thinking of team workwear, personalised polo shirts are just the perfect choice.

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  • We Accommodate for Infants and Toddlers too

    Your Locker offers a range of clothing products for infants and toddlers. From t-shirts and bodysuits to pyjamas and bibs, we offer them all under one roof. All of our products can be customised to your liking Here are some of the top reasons why you may want to consider personalised toddler clothing.

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  • Using Bodywarmers in the Winter

    Bodywarmers are the best bet when you want to keep yourself warm during really cold winters. They are designed in such a way that they retain heat with an extra thick layer of padding and do not feel too bulky or heavy while going about your routine. As compared to a regular jacket, bodywarmers allow more freedom of movement. Personalised bodywarmers are a great way to look trendy and stylish while beating the cold.

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  • Buying the Perfect Gift

    You’ve been invited to a birthday party and the biggest question on your mind is: “what present should I buy?” Perhaps it’s your little one’s birthday and you can’t seem to settle on the perfect gift to buy. If you are tired of all the run of the mill gifts, then fret not! Your Locker now offers a range of personalised gifts.

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  • The Benefits of Professional Uniforms in Your Spa

    Why do your customers visit your spa? For relaxation, of course! So welcoming your visitors in the most professional manner would be your top priority. And making a good impression is paramount. Custom spa uniforms can play a big role in making a positive, lasting impression on your spar customers. There are many other benefits to investing in an effective spa uniform. In this post, we take a look at the top reasons why you should have professional uniforms.

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  • Beauty Uniforms for Your Team

    For an industry that puts emphasis on personal appearance, it’s crucial that your staff look professional and inspirational to your clients. Your staff members play a pivotal role in ensuring your clients get the best first impression and return to your salon. In this post, we look at the top reasons why your team must wear beauty uniform.

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  • Getting Your Children Ready for School

    Starting primary school could unsettle your child, but it is the beginning of a new chapter. In no time, your child will be learning new skills, making friends and becoming independent. However, the biggest step is preparing your children for school. Here are our top tips:

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  • Performance Functions You Should Look for in Your Workout Gear

    Whether you pump weights or use the treadmill, you need serious workout clothing that performs as well as you do. Personalised performance wear earns you style points at the gym. But at the end of the day, function counts just as much as looks. Here are some things to look for when you pick out clothes for the gym.

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  • How Do Baselayers Improve Exercise Performance?

    Baselayers do a lot for athletic performance. The simplest thing they do is add a little bit of warmth for cold training days. But they also wick away moisture, prevent rapid cool-downs, and keep clothing lightweight. Personalised baselayers are the way to go for making sure you don’t get your clothes mixed up with other people’s.

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  • Top Tips for Choosing Your Gym Clothes

    Going to the gym is an integral part of life for so many people. Given the importance of the workout, shouldn’t the workout clothing be more than an afterthought? At Your Locker, we provide more than just quality clothing for your workout. We offer embroidered athleisurewear that elevates your gym outfit to a fashion statement.

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