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  • Finish Off Your Uniform with Your Logo

    If you’re looking to order personalised workwear for your employees, Your Locker can help. We can design bespoke office uniforms in a colour and pattern of your choice. Adding a logo onto employees’ workwear can be beneficial for your company in the following ways.

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  • Creating a Smart Uniform

    Work uniforms promote teamwork, improve loyalty and boost your brand image. If you’re looking for personalised workwear for your employees, look no further than Your Locker.

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  • How to Dress a Newborn Baby for the Weather

    Whether you are looking to buy personalised infant clothing or not, keep the following things in mind when shopping for your newborn darling.

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  • Summer Dress Codes

    If you are setting a new summer dress code, here are some things you might want to consider to ensure it meets the approval of employees.

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  • The Psychology of Football Kit Colours

    Teams put in a lot of thought when choosing football kit colours. Want to know more about the psychology of football kit colours?

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  • Why a Leaving Hoodie is the Perfect Memory?

    Looking for a personalised custom printed leaving hoodie? Do you want a keepsake embroidered leaving hoodie for your schoolmates? Your Locker offers an array of options when it comes to personalised clothing.

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  • Clothing Trends to Look out for in 2019

    . Keep a close watch on the fashion trendsetters, diligently follow the trends and styles, buy the right clothing – now that’s the mantra of a fashion icon in the digital age!

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  • Why are Team Kits Important?

    Team uniforms are more than just custom printed sportswear in similar colours. There are a number of reasons why having a team uniform to play sports is important - here’s why team uniforms mean so much.

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  • Choosing a Uniform Your Staff Will Love

    Uniforms combine the importance of branding with comfortable clothing, allowing the team members to look and work smart. Here is a simple guide to choosing a uniform your staff will love.

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  • Safety Clothes for Winter

    You can ensure a safe working environment for your employees by starting with efficient clothing. Here are some safety clothes to protect your workforce this winter.

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