Choosing a Uniform Your Staff Will Love

A uniform portrays that the wearer belongs to a team. Or more importantly, he or she comes from an organisation with a specific purpose. Whether it is a police officer whose uniform creates a distinct impression with his attire or a footballer who represents his team, the uniform has a big role to play.

Uniforms combine the importance of branding with comfortable clothing, allowing the team members to look and work smart. Here is a simple guide to choosing a uniform your staff will love.

Ask Your Team for Suggestions

A lot of companies give their staff uniforms that merely look good but are quite a discomfort to use in the workplace. Warm and heavy workwear is of no use, for example, if your staff works outdoors in the hot sun. Before you finalise the staff uniform, seek suggestions from people who know the work.

The best suggestions for the staff uniform can come from your staff. This is simply because they are completely aware of the working conditions, the hazards, customer interaction, environmental conditions while at work and so on and so forth.

Design and Appearance

Stylish clothing is not meant just for fashion followers. Your employees can look stylish in their work clothes too. Choose a design that not only adapts to the local work culture but makes people look and feel good.

From custom printed workwear to embroidered workwear, there is no end to what you can choose. The most important thing to remember is the fact that the uniform is an excellent branding opportunity.

Colours and Branding

From the organisation to the customer, your company branding needs to be consistent and well designed to touch base with the audience. The colours you choose for your staff uniform play an important role in conveying your company brand to your customers.

You will need to choose the right colours, and moreover, also think if employees at varied levels will wear different colours. From job roles to locations to other hierarchical qualifications, you can have different colours to designate various categories.


Your staff can work efficiently only if their uniform provides optimum functionality. Only when your employees are comfortable in what they wear to work, will you get maximum productivity at the workplace.

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