Creating a Smart Uniform

With uniform policies in offices becoming more relaxed, employees are open to dressing casually. Many companies are assuming a more casual, relaxed dress code to keep up with the changing times. Creating a smart uniform code could go a long way in making a positive impression on clients.

Work uniforms promote teamwork, improve loyalty and boost your brand image. If you’re looking for personalised workwear for your employees, look no further than Your Locker.

Tips for Choosing a Work Uniform

A work wear code helps bring clarity. When employees wear appropriate work uniform, they’ll work with greater enthusiasm, thereby boosting your company’s growth. Keep in mind the following aspects when choosing work uniform for your staff.

 Consult your employees – Your employees will have to put on the workplace uniform every day. So, consult with them to identify the most suitable office uniform. Ask them whether they’ll feel more comfortable wearing embroidered workwear or custom printed workwear.

 Integrate company mission and vision – The corporate uniform is a visual embodiment of your company’s mission and vision. So, the workwear must be an extension of the company’s values. Your Locker can create personalised workwear with your company’s logo on them.

 Clearly outline the dress code – Explain the components of the dress code to your staff with examples. Offer them complete details in terms of designs, colours, accessories, proper/improper clothing, and the like. Let them have a clear idea about what to wear for office and what not to.

 Have a definite work uniform procurement policy – Will your office order and supply the uniforms to the staff? Or will they have to buy the workwear themselves? Put in place a purchase and distribution procedure.

 Make your proposed plan official – Make sure all employees understand the workplace uniform policy. Having a clear-cut uniform policy ensures its smooth implementation.

Benefits of Choosing an Appropriate Work Uniform

 Fosters Loyalty – Make sure you choose a uniform that employees will like to wear every day. A workwear policy where your firm offers the uniform will help foster business loyalty.

 Helps Develop a Professional Image – The uniform should be appropriate and in keeping with the work environment. For instance, if you own a restaurant, ensure that the uniform makes them look and feel professional. The cooks should also feel comfortable wearing the aprons.

 Boosts Brand Awareness – More often than not, workwear can promote your business and boost brand awareness, especially if you’re a start-up.

 Reinforces Teamwork – Putting on a uniform, regardless of whether it’s for a restaurant, marketing or software firm, can help reinforce teamwork.

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