Getting Your Children Ready for School

Starting primary school could unsettle your child, but it is the beginning of a new chapter. In no time, your child will be learning new skills, making friends and becoming independent.

However, the biggest step is preparing your children for school. Here are our top tips:


The best way to get your child ready for school is to ensure they can comfortably do simple tasks on their own – be sure to:

• Buy clothing and shoes that are easy for them to zip, buckle or fasten on their own.

• Encourage independent hand washing and toileting.

• Let your child dress up and put on shoes by herself/himself.

• Let them work independently on activities like completing puzzles.

• Let your child do simple tasks like cleaning up toys or setting the table at dinnertime.

Social Skills

Learning in a classroom involves socialising. Kids learn and develop by playing with their peers and they’ll become better at things if they are happy mingling with other children (and adults). You can help build your child’s social skills by:

• Practising greetings using soft toys and dolls.

• Organising play dates with children from your kid’s new class.

• Setting rules and giving consequences for breaking them.

• Encouraging your child to consider others’ feelings.

• Encouraging your child to take turns & share with others.

• Kissing and hugging your child several times every day.

Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Although no one’s expecting your child to have amazing numeracy/literacy skills at this age, it helps to get them ready for learning. You can do this in the following ways:

• Sing rhymes.

• Read to your child every day and talk about what you have just read.

• Encourage your child to read and write his/her name.

• Help your child understand basic colours by naming objects like “red apples”, “yellow light” or “green coats”.

• Give them games and puzzles that require problem-solving and counting. Let the child draw, write, scribble, cut and paste.

• Take your child to the park, zoo, grocery store, pet shop and post office. Talk about the sounds and sights of your day.

Get School Ready with Your Locker

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