How Do Baselayers Improve Exercise Performance?

Baselayers do a lot for athletic performance. The simplest thing they do is add a little bit of warmth for cold training days. But they also wick away moisture, prevent rapid cool-downs, and keep clothing lightweight. Personalised baselayers are the way to go for making sure you don’t get your clothes mixed up with other people’s.

Baselayers Add Warmth

On a basic level, you can’t work out to your fullest unless you get warm all the way. Baselayers insulate your body and help you not only warm up faster but stay warmer in colder-than-normal temperatures. Embroidered baselayers help you hang on to your high-performance gear, making it so that others can’t mistake your clothes for theirs!

Baselayers Prevent Injury

Warming up all the way is a must for athletes. People don’t have to hit their aerobic threshold to completely warm up if they wear base layers. By getting muscles warm completely before extremely rigorous exercise is required, baselayers prevent injury.

Baselayers Wick Moisture

Some baselayers are meant to help keep people cool by wicking moisture away from the body. These tend to be very lightweight and light in color. They might contain a little bit of silk or bamboo in some instances.

However, warmer moisture-wicking baselayers also help you stay warm. It depends on the weight and material of the clothing. Lots of baselayers come in wool, too. You can’t stay warm in the snow if you’re wet next to your skin!

Baselayers Provide Muscle Compression

Muscle compression is great for increasing performance. Compressed muscles react better with optimal compression, meaning that they are firmly compressed but not too tight. People who play sports involving a lot of sprinting generally wear compression socks, but a compression layer is important for many athletes as well.

Baselayers Speed Up Recovery

This is especially true for people who wear compression layers. Recovery is improved by a lot of things that are proven by science. Some of them are hard to do, like eating four pounds of vegetables a day or drinking two gallons of water (which is not advisable for everyone). But one thing everyone can do regularly is wear a baselayer.

Get Custom Baselayers

Custom-printed baselayers are a great option for teams who practice a lot together or travel. Your Locker provides all kinds of baselayers. We embroider logos on them as well. See some of our past work for inspiration for your next team or company clothing purchase!