How to Dress a Newborn Baby for the Weather

As a new mother, you’d want your newborn to appear at her cutest best. However, your newborn could be extremely vulnerable to the elements and safeguarding her from the weather is essential. Be sure to shop for apparels that will keep the baby comfortable and cosy apart from making her look adorable.

Whether you are looking to buy personalised infant clothing or not, keep the following things in mind when shopping for your newborn darling.

Dressing Up Your Baby in Winter

For the winter months, dress the baby in as many layers of clothes as you’d normally wear. Thereafter, bundle her up in an additional layer of pullover if it’s quite cold outside.

Layer her garments with slim cotton clothes for efficient thermal insulation.

If you live in a clime that experiences freezing conditions, be sure to envelop her completely.

Make her wear woollen socks, warm waterproof boots, hat scarf and mittens just as you would. Put a blanket over her when you carry her in a stroller.

Take off the sweater before positioning her in the car to ensure the seat belt fits properly. Always take off the baby’s warm clothes immediately after reaching home to prevent overheating.

Try to maintain the room temperature in the range of 68°F to 72°F throughout the year.

Clothing Your Newborn in Summer

Do not assume that your baby would be safer and better off during summer than in the cold months. Bear in mind that the infant could be at the risk of getting overheated during summer – the chief cause of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Overdressing her when the weather is sultry with the mercury touching nearly 80°F could cause heat rashes. On the other hand, exposure to very high temperatures and extreme humidity could make her susceptible to heatstroke or sunburn.

Dress the newborn in lightweight and loose-fitting clothes regardless of whether you take her outdoors or keep her indoors. Choose embroidered infant clothing sewn from natural fabrics like cotton and linen to keep her cool and comfy.

A practical rule of thumb is to dress the newborn exactly the way you dress up. Only one layer should suffice if and when the temperature is more than 75°F. When taking her out, make sure she’s donning a hat and wearing UV-resistant sunglasses to shield her from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

You can apply sunscreen on her skin but consult a paediatrician first, especially if she’s less than six months old.

Be sure to carry a light sweater or small coverlet when you’re venturing outdoors from a temperature-controlled environment and vice versa. Remember that the little one cannot adapt to sudden and erratic changes in temperature as effectively as you can.

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