Importance of Hi-Vis Vests

High visibility vests or hi-vis vests are a simple, cost-effective yet highly efficient form of personal protective equipment (PPE). It’s an important piece of clothing and a common requirement in industries where the majority of work occurs near cranes, traffic, other motorised vehicles or at night, putting the workers at the risk of harm or injury.

Commonly used in industries like construction, automotive, logistics, highway services, warehousing and transport, hi-vis vests ensure the wearer is visible, thereby preventing accidents and protecting the workers from harm.

Here are some of the important benefits of hi-vis vests in the workplace:


As discussed above, high visibility vests are a type of PPE, which help keep the workers safe. Wearing personalised hi-vis vests can not only help prevent accidents but also help identify staff from far away.

Ensuring your employees stay visible on-site is a crucial part of health and safety at work. Workers on construction sites, with machinery or around other large moving objects should be able to see each other to avoid accidents. To that end, our custom hi-vis vests can come in handy.


By wearing embroidered hi-vis vests, your employees will stand out from the others. Branded vests are easy to identify. Large worksites are usually chaotic with workers from different teams handling different jobs. Different hi-vis vests and jackets could be used to identify each group.

Personalised hi-vis vests also establish professionalism. When your staff are dressed for work appropriately, it establishes your brand that is professional and takes care of its employees.

Regulatory Requirements

In several industries, the law requires that workers wear hi-vis clothing as part of their workwear. For instance, in the railway industry, staff working in the vicinity of the railway should wear orange hi-visibility clothing to make sure they are seen. Similarly, workers in the construction sector must wear yellow hi-vis garments to make sure those operating large vehicles and machinery can identify them to avoid any accidents.

Whether you opt for normal, personalised or embroidered hi vis clothing, they must comply with BS EN 471. This standard outlines the materials that can be used, the size of the reflective strips, etc.

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Here at Your Locker, we offer a wide range of hi-vis clothing that can be custom printed or embroidered to make them personal to your brand. Our hi vis clothing islightweight, waterproof and windproof. For more information about our hi-vis workwear range, get in touch with our friendly team.