Keeping Warm During Winter

Working outdoors or in industrial facilities can be a challenge during winter as you are directly exposed to colder temperatures. Well-designed winter clothing can help you stay warm and comfortable so that you deliver your best at work.

Here are some winter clothing options to consider.

Body Warmers

A body warmer is a sleeveless garment designed to keep you warm without restricting your movement. Their sleeveless design prevents overheating in the arms, which reduces sweating and the risk of shivering.

Make your body warmers interesting by opting for personalised designs. Your Locker, the number one destination for custom clothing, can help you create personalised body warmers.

Your custom printed body warmers can carry your business logo, colour or other personalised elements. Simply store your preferences in your online locker at Your Locker, and we will deliver embroidered body warmers with these personalised elements.

Choose your bodywarmers from our wide range of brands, colours and designs. Add your personal preferences and you will have your stylish winter wear ready in no time!

Winter Jackets and Coats

Jackets and coats are time-tested garments for battling winter. These garments feature an insulation layer that keeps your body warm. The design is also waterproof, which keeps you dry.

Your Locker has a collection of stylish waterproof winter jackets and coats. If your work involves working night shifts, then our range of high-visibility winter jackets and coats should interest you. You can even customise your jacket or coat.


A baselayer is a layer of clothing that is worn close to the body. It can be a snugly fitting t-shirt, legging or a full-sleeved top. The purpose of a baselayer is to keep your body temperature in balance so you don’t feel extremely cold or warm.

The baselayer traps heat to keep you warm during winters. What’s more, this garment does not absorb sweat; it simply allows sweat to evaporate to keep you dry, clean and comfortable.

You can wear baselayers underneath your formal workwear to stay warm while working outdoors or in factory settings.

Your Locker has an interesting range of embroidered baselayers that are stylish and practical. We have upper body and lower body baselayers including t-shirts, compression shorts, leggings and long-sleeved tops.

No matter the type of winter wear you choose, customising it to your brand makes the clothing extremely stylish and professional. What’s more, your brand gets more visibility and power.

Trust Your Locker for all your branded apparel needs. Call us at 0845 830 0840 for details.