Keeping Warm While Eating Out

The world is slowly getting back to normal. And so is the UK. With businesses, gyms, pubs and restaurants opening up again, and ready to serve albeit with precautions, everyone is looking forward to enjoying the outdoors again. With new norms in place for social interaction, it is important to also make sure you dress appropriately also keeping in mind how unpredictable UK weather is.

The weather in the UK is infamously unpredictable. It can go from sunny to showers in minutes. Being caught in the outdoors without appropriate clothing can give you a bad bout of cold, cough and chills. Do yourself a favour and keep yourself warm and protected always when you are visiting a pub or a restaurant.

Keep Warm with Jackets

Wearing a jacket can give you extra protection from changing weather conditions and also keep you warm. Your Locker has a range of jackets that can be custom printed or embroidered to make them personal. Take your pick today.

Personalised jackets can give your clothing that extra edge. Make people around you notice what you are wearing. Personalise your jacket with a logo, a design or a message of your choice. Print or embroider as you like it and give a plain jacket a personality of its own. Check our collection of printed and embroidered jackets or personalise them your way with a little help from our team at Your Locker.

Custom Printed Jackets

Want to make a fashion statement when you are outdoors? Custom printed jackets with eye-catching prints are just the thing you need. At Your Locker, we can help you customise your design or logo for printing on your jacket. Connect with us online, upload your logo, select your jacket size and colour and place your order. As simple as that!

Embroidered Jackets

If embroidered jackets are your thing, make them even more personal with your choice of design on the jacket. Check out our design collection online or in-store. If you have something different on your mind, tell us about it and we can get it embroidered for you on your jacket.

At Your Locker, we offer customisation for single pieces as well as team bundles. Talk to our friendly design team today to discuss your requirements.