Keeping Warm While Working in Winter

Winter days may be dull and dreary. But that does not mean your workwear needs to be sombre too. You can keep warm while working in the winter whilst staying stylish with bespoke and custom winter clothing. Your Locker has a variety of winter workwear for you. Take a look.


A baselayer is a garment worn close to the body. It could be anything like a t-shirt, legging or sleeved top that you can wear underneath your formal workwear. Especially suited to very cold winter weather, baselayers are made from materials that do not absorb sweat. Baselayers allow sweat to evaporate. This keeps you clean, dry and comfortable all the time.

At Your Locker, we understand your need for professional workwear that is also functional. We have an interesting range of embroidered and printed baselayers that can also be customised for your team.

Body Warmers

Looking for a workwear solution for the winters that will keep you warm without restricting your movement? Body warmers are your best bet. Body warmers are sleeveless garments that you can wear over your shirt. Their sleeveless design helps to prevent overheating in the arms. This is necessary to reduce sweating and shivering.

Personalised workwear from Your Locker includes customised body warmers for your personnel. Be it any design, your company logo or individual names, we can get it printed or embroidered.

Winter Jackets and Coats

Stylish waterproof winter jackets are all the craze even when it comes to industrial and outdoor workwear. Jackets have always been appreciated for their ability to keep you protected from the harsh elements of the weather. The insulation layer in the upgraded designs keeps you warm.

Choose from a wide range of stylish waterproof winter jackets from Your Locker. We give you the best in terms of fabric and fittings. And we can personalise your jackets just the way you want. Talk to our design team.

While you are at it, also browse our wide range of jackets and coats for adults and children. We can give you your preferred design in your choice of colours too.

Custom Workwear for Winters from Your Locker

Your Locker has a range of custom workwear that makes your winters comfortable. Browse our collection for bespoke designs. We can also provide you with custom print and embroidery to make your personalised workwear for the winter. Connect with us right away if you are looking for custom uniforms for your outdoor team.