Keeping Your Kids Safe

Schoolchildren of many educational institutions in the UK wear remarkably dark uniforms, especially dark blazers and coats that make them less visible. Wearing dark uniforms, exposes schoolchildren to life risks while they travel to and from schools on a regular basis. Some components of the school uniform, including the satchel, shoes, and coats featuring reflective trimmings, offer protection at evening or night.

However, dark uniforms make schoolchildren less visible, during dusk or dawn, particularly in winter. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for schools to introduce high-visibility uniforms for schoolchildren.

At Your Locker, we provide personalized high viz clothing for schoolchildren which ensure that their journey to school and back is thoroughly safe.

Why Schoolchildren Should Put on High Visibility Uniforms

There is no gainsaying that high visibility coats and vests can be easily spotted and identified from a good distance. If researches on high viz uniforms are to be believed, those wearing them can be distinguished from individuals not wearing them within three seconds. Hence it does not need to be emphasised that children/schoolchildren should always put on uniform that render them perfectly visible.

High-visibility coats, vests, waistcoats, bomber jackets, and tabards keep children out of harm’s way during specific situations. For instance, when schoolchildren are being escorted by teachers during a field trip, fluorescent jackets or reflective coats make them discernible at all times. High viz clothing also helps schoolchildren stand out when they are cycling, walking, waiting for their school bus or simply crossing the street.

Reflective at Night and Luminous at Day

When it comes to ordering custom printed kids’ high viz clothing, we firmly believe that schools should follow the thumb rule: ‘luminous for day, reflective at night’. Luminous high viz coats, jackets, and tabards keep kids thoroughly noticeable at daytime, particularly in winter when visibility is quite low. As fluorescent colours tend to absorb and reflect specific light spectrums having a higher wavelength, the jackets and vests appear brighter.

On the other hand, school uniforms that feature reflective trimmings and elements come to the aid of those children who have to travel after dark. For instance, schoolchildren leaving for their homes after attending evening classes or after-school associations can stay visible and safe if they wear reflective clothing.

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Your Locker offers a wide variety of custom printed and embroidered kids high viz clothing ideal for schoolchildren. Our personalized kids high viz clothing ensure that children stay distinguishable at all times and do not get lost. Our custom printed kids high viz clothing range include waistcoats, bomber jackets, enhanced visibility vests, tabards, and safety vests.

If you want, we can customise your school’s high visibility uniform with your institution’s name and logo.