Making Sure Your Employees Are Kept Warm While They Work

Although we continue to enjoy the bright sunny days of autumn, winter is knocking on the door. The pleasant autumnal weather will soon be replaced by an icy cold, harsh climate. Regardless of whether your employees are working indoors or outdoors, the biting wintry weather can dent their confidence.

So make sure your staff members are attired in appropriate seasonal office uniform to ensure they stay warm and comfortable. Here’s the lowdown on our range of popular personalised workwear, that will not only keep your employees looking smart but also warm.

Custom Workwear Shirts and Jackets

Long gone are the days when workplace uniforms appeared drab and merely served a functional purpose.

Nowadays, you have the leeway to customise office uniform by imprinting or embroidering your company’s name and logo without making it look overly casual. Take for instance, our custom printed workwear shirts and jackets.

Our premium quality workwear jackets and blazers are tailored painstakingly to perfectly suit every member of your staff. We can design and create bespoke office jackets for your staff members in a colour of your choosing. The best part about our jackets and blazers is the embroidered/printed jacket lining.

If you want, we can personalise your workplace blazers with photo print linings displaying the company logo and/or name. The jackets padded with merino fabric offer sweeping protection from cold weather as well as make your employees appear stylish.

We can also design custom-built cotton or twill cotton workplace shirts embossed, appliqu├ęd or embroidered with your brand name and logo.

Personalised Rugby Shirts

Our embroidered workwear rugby shirts are ideal for salespersons, delivery drivers, stevedores, warehousing and logistics personnel. The best quality of cotton fabric has been used for making the rugby shirts to ensure they are extremely comfortable to wear. Your personnel can also put on a workwear pullover or a parka over the shirt to protect against the cold.

You can add a personal touch to the shirts by having every employee’s name along with the company name printed in large and bold letters on the back. Embroidering your company’s logo on the chest area will amplify the personalisation factor.

Custom Printed and Embroidered Workwear Hoodies

A custom printed workwear hoodie serves as the perfect layering attire. Your employees can pair our hooded jackets with workwear trousers and jeans. Check out our zippered hoodie that your employees can comfortably layer over a collared shirt and tie.

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