The Ultimate Guide to Hospitality Uniforms

Excellent customer service is a core parameter for measuring a brand’s success. From presenting themselves in an impeccable fashion to getting along with tough practical requirements behind the scenes, your employees have a lot to handle.

Given this need, a well-thought-of hospitality uniform becomes a great asset in hospitality sectors, such as restaurants, hotels, spas and cafes.

Personalised aprons & service wear deliver the following value-adding benefits that contribute to building a strong brand presence in the long run:

Presentable Appearance

A presentable appearance is a basic requirement in a hospitality setting. Employees dressed in attractive uniforms create an inviting environment where customers feel at ease.

While personalised aprons & service wear need to be professional, it does not mean they need to be boring! A range of stylish custom printed aprons & service wear is now available for hospitality centres to choose from.

At Your Locker, the UK’s number one online brand for customised clothing, we offer colourful, trendy and premier variety personalised aprons & service wear.

Exceptional Brand Recognition

Finely-designed custom printed aprons & service wear makes it easier for customers to remember the brand. Excellent brand recall helps build a long-lasting brand identity. In the long run, these factors tend to lead to increased customer satisfaction and greater customer loyalty.

Your Locker can be your valuable partner in enhancing your brand power. Our embroidered aprons & service wear are designed to suit contemporary fashion tastes. You’ll find a range of clothing from classic waist aprons to convenient wrap-around tunics, and everything in between.

You can customise the clothing by adding your logo to the fabric and choosing colours that reflect your brand – all are available for men, women and even kids.

Practical Clothing Convenience

No matter how stylish your uniform is, it is of no use if it cannot withstand the practical challenges of the hospitality sector. Uniforms should, therefore, be designed to make tasks easier for your employees.

At Your Locker, we offer custom clothing made of fabrics such as polyester and cotton blends. These stylish garments are great to wear and extremely easy to work in. They offer a convenient fit allowing you to complete even the toughest of tasks with ease. They are a heaven to work in, no matter how long the hours are!

The design of our embroidered aprons & service wear is intuitive, responding to your different on-job needs. For example, our embroidered aprons with pockets can be used if you like to carry items such as pens and notepads discreetly.

Other functional design features include easy-tie straps and convenient buckle closures, which enable employees to jump to the job at hand efficiently and effortlessly.

Realise these powerful benefits by choosing Your Locker – call us on 0845 830 0840 for enquiries.