Performance Functions You Should Look for in Your Workout Gear

Whether you pump weights or use the treadmill, you need serious workout clothing that performs as well as you do. You simply can’t get going hard enough with clothes that are too fragile or full of static electricity.

Personalised performance wear earns you style points at the gym. But at the end of the day, function counts just as much as looks. Here are some things to look for when you pick out clothes for the gym.

Seamless Custom-Printed Performance Wear

When you need to push your body to the max in pursuit of fitness, you really need seamless clothing. Most seamless clothing lasts longer than the type with seams anyways. But you want to get rid of restrictive areas like tight seams because they can leave marks, especially with compression garments.

Seams come apart eventually. It’s a great idea to prolong the life of your clothing by investing in seamless garments for working out.

Seams can also catch some electricity and cause fit problems. Clothing in layers might stick together at the seams where two garments meet. When you can, make it easy and comfortable for yourself and go seamless.

Moisture-Wicking Clothing Matters

All that sweat has to go somewhere! Make sure it evaporates away from your body. Your skin and other people at the gym will thank you!

You can always stay regulated temperature-wise in moisture-wicking clothing. Embroidered performance wear that is moisture-wicking is an even better upgrade.

As an added bonus, moisture-wicking clothes dry faster. So, they will hopefully keep your gym back cleaner than the regular type of gym clothes.

Antimicrobial Clothing Keeps You Clean

If only everyone would take this up for the public good! Antimicrobial clothing should be a gym staple whenever possible. While not every manufacturer has caught up to this trend, those that do are making a great contribution to the gym experience.

Antimicrobial clothing makes for a better-smelling and safer gym. People also tend to have better results in the wash with this type of clothing, since it stays cleaner in the first place.

Regulate Your Temperature

With the right clothing, staying a good even temperature is a breeze. Thermo-regulated clothing is great for super crowded gyms or working out during more extreme temperatures. Staying regulated keeps you warming up, working out, and cooling down at the proper rates to avoid injury.

Visit Your Locker

Custom-printed performance wear helps you share your pride and style at the gym. Explore our entire range of performance wear here. No matter your workout routine, you will find clothing that works just as hard as you do.