Personalised Leaving Hoodies

Looking for the perfect memento that will remind you and your schoolmates of your school years? Leaving hoodies are the best gifts for students graduating from school. A personalised leaving hoodie can be the perfect keepsake for your schoolmates.

Secondary schoolers are looking to leave in the next couple of months. So, you are just in time to order that custom leaving hoodie you always wanted at the end of your school years. A personalised leaving hoodie makes the perfect choice for a school-leaving gift for a variety of reasons.

Valuable Souvenir

Traditionally, students would get their schoolmates to autograph their shirts with a marker pen. These shirts would serve as perfect memorabilia for the future. However, the current trend is to get a custom embroidered leaving hoodie or a personalised printed hoodie with the name of the student.

You can wear this hoodie on the last day of school, at the students’ leaving party and maybe even at a later date for a school reunion. The personalised hoodie is a valuable souvenir you wouldn’t want to part with for anything in the world.

Unique Identity

When everyone at the students’ leaving party wears the same type of leaving hoodies, it creates a sense of unity and equality. Leaving hoodies are the sum of all the years spent at school. A well-designed and customised hoodie can create wonderful memories for a lifetime.

A school uniform always evokes a sense of unique identity. A custom designed hoodie can forge a group identity that you can recall with pride every time you look at it or wear it.

Custom Printed or Embroidered Hoodies

Eye-catching prints, messages, school motto or just about anything else that you fancy can be printed or embroidered on your school leaving hoodie. Root for the school colours on your hoodie or go for your own choice of colours. Make the hoodie personalised with the names of your schoolmates or add a message that stands for your school.

Get Your Custom Leaving Hoodie

At Your Locker, we have a range of hoodies that can be custom printed or embroidered to make them personal. Browse our collection online or get in touch with us in-store. Talk to our design team if you have a unique design in mind for your school leaving hoodies. Don’t wait any longer to get your custom leaving hoodie ready in time for your school leaving party.