Summer Dress Codes

Setting an appropriate summer dress code at work can be a major challenge. You need to make sure the code is comfortable yet professional.

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If you are setting a new summer dress code, here are some things you might want to consider to ensure it meets the approval of employees.

Encourage Clothes Made of Lighter Fabrics and Colours

Clothes made of summer-friendly fabrics such as cotton and linen are very comfortable and impart a professional look. For example, a cotton t-shirt and a blazer paired with denim jeans can be casual, comfortable and yet completely professional.

Include a no-graphics rule to ensure that t-shirts are not way too casual. Encourage lighter colours such as cream, white, light blue and light green to strike a balance between professional and casual.

Avoid Clothing that’s too Casual

This includes shorts, tank tops, halter tops, sweatpants, leggings, and clothing that is revealing, very tight, frayed, or carries cartoon images, sports or entertainment-related logos, and holes or tears.

Dresses that go above the knees, and those that are strapless or have spaghetti straps, are a no-no too. Those with plunging necks, bare backs, open midriffs, and above-the-knee hemlines, should also be avoided.

Avoid Imposing a Complete No-Baring Code

Allow your employees to go sleeveless once in a while. Balance it with a clause that recommends having a cardigan handy to avoid awkwardness during events such as client meetings.

When wearing clothing that reveals a little skin, recommend pairing it up with a well-covered top or bottom, as applicable. For example, a sleeveless top could be paired with a pant rather than a short skirt for an overall professional look.

Test Your Code

Test your summer dress code before making it official. This will help you make the change smoother for your employees and earn their respect and approval. Also, it gives you an opportunity to revise the code if needed.

Introduce your dress code ahead of summer for a smoother transition to the new code.

Inappropriate summer workwear can cost you your clients and reputation. So, devise a code that reflects your brand values while boosting employee morale.

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