The Psychology of Football Kit Colours

A football team symbolises unity, strength and passion. Every game of football has admirers and fans rooting for their favourite teams. And this love is often extended to the team football kit.

From team players to fans, everyone is passionate about wearing the team’s colours. Teams put in a lot of thought when choosing football kit colours. Want to know more about the psychology of football kit colours?

Here’s the dough.

The Thought Behind Choosing the Right Football Kit Colours

There are varied reasons why teams put in careful thought when choosing football kit colours. While some colours are chosen because they evoke certain emotions, other colours are chosen because they signify some strong connections to a place or person. Sometimes colours are also chosen because they are more clearly visible than others.

The Psychology of Emotions

It is a known fact that certain colours evoke more emotions than others. This is the reason why those colours are the perfect choice for team clothing.

Different colours evoke different emotions for different people. Yellow and pink are associated with happiness and vibrancy while midnight blue and black may mean darker emotions.

Red is considered as one of the most successful colours.

A Feeling of Unity

Many a times, colours can stand for the unity of a team. This often happens in the case of white colour. White is also known to evoke a sense of belonging in the minds of team players as well as fans. It also exudes a comforting feel and an appeal of being part of something that is bigger than themselves.

Create Your Team’s Identity

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