Top Tips for Choosing Your Gym Clothes

Going to the gym is an integral part of life for so many people. Given the importance of the workout, shouldn’t the workout clothing be more than an afterthought? At Your Locker, we provide more than just quality clothing for your workout. We offer embroidered athleisurewear that elevates your gym outfit to a fashion statement.

Stay Dry

When you work up a sweat, you want the moisture to wick off your body. This helps gym clothes stay cleaner and it also keeps you from getting sores on your body in areas where the fabric has a lot of friction.

Choose a fabric that wicks moisture away for best results. You can take it a step further and buy clothes that are made to air-dry quickly as well. These tend to be on the lighter side, which is an added bonus for comfort.

Opt for Compression

While it’s important not to wear clothing that is too small, compression gear is one of your greatest assets at the gym. It improves performance and reduces soreness in the short and long term. For best results, get your gear fitted by a professional. It’s easy to go too tight with compression gear.

Stretch Gear is for High Performance

Stretch clothing provides a few important benefits for your workout. Stretch gear makes it easy to do your workouts. This is especially true if you are into Zumba, plyometrics or other high-stretch activities.

It also keeps you from wearing clothing that is too loose at the gym. Loose clothing can get caught in workout equipment. You also don’t want your clothing moving too much, because it can flow away from your body as you are working out. Avoid flashing your neighbors. Wear stretch clothing at the gym!

Footwear is a Game-Changer

The right footwear can make or break your gym experience. There are all kinds of shoes for different activities. You can also get special inserts to improve posture and performance. Spend some time and money on your footwear, if you can. It’s worth getting a pair of quality shoes that will protect one of your greatest assets: your feet.

Amp it Up with Personalised Athleisurewear

At Your Locker, we understand the value of looking great at the gym. We offer personalised athleisurewear and custom printed athleisurewear so you can feel comfortable as well as look fashionable. Choose from our many options to find gym staples that fit your lifestyle.

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