The Ultimate Guide to Sportswear

The right sportswear can help you look your best, feel comfortable and confident and perform to your potential. The best sportswear is one that’s made of breathable fabric, offers you the necessary space to move about freely, fits you well, and is appropriate for the sports you play.

Choose Personalised Sportswear for Enhanced Style

If you are aiming for an enhanced sense of style and a personal touch, nothing beats personalised sportswear. With personalised elements such as team or sport-specific colours, logo, and custom design, personalised sportswear attracts instant attention, promotes healthy individual and team spirit, and builds with brand recognition.

When it comes to custom printed sportswear, Your Locker is numero uno in the UK. With over 25 years of experience in personalised clothing, Your Locker offers the best products in embroidered sportswear.

Athleisurewear – Trendy & Versatile

If you are looking for contemporary sportswear that’s versatile as well, athleisurewear should interest you. As the name suggests, it is the perfect sportswear for multiple environments including gyms, workplaces, casual ambiences and social settings. Children can wear it to school too.

Athleisurewear is known for its high comfort levels and durability.

With Your Locker, you can design a range of customised athleisurewear including yoga pants, leggings and sleeveless t-shirts.

Baselayers – A Comfort Fabric for Every Season

A single-layered baselayer is a skin-hugging piece of clothing such as a t-shirt, legging, pant or a full sleeve top. You may choose to wear multiple layers of baselayers on top of one another.

A baselayer serves as a second skin regulating your body temperature so that you feel warm in colder conditions and cooler in warmer environments. When several baselayers are used, heat is retained within the layers, which helps you to stay warm.

A baselayer is made of either 100% synthetic polyester, polypropylene, a combination of polyester and elastane or naturally-occurring Merino wool. Use of these fabrics makes the baselayer breathable. It keeps off stickiness resulting from sweat by allowing it to evaporate.

Create your own custom printed baselayers with Your Locker’s extensive collection.

Performance Wear – High-Performing Clothing for any Setting

Performance wear provides enhanced comfort in any weather condition from normal to above-moderate and extreme. Performance clothing can be worn for workout sessions, work, urban casual settings and even for high-performance activities such as sports and trekking.

Your Locker has a range of performance clothing including jogger pants, sprint pants, sports tee shirts, vests, jackets, and more. Design your own favourite embroidered performance wear with our customisation options.

Your Locker has a range of sportswear for a variety of sports including golf, motorsport and cricket, which you can add your own logo, colours and other designs to.

We have a simple and easy process to help you create custom printed sportswear online. A dedicated locker is assigned to each customer where personalised elements such as custom logos and designs can be stored for use on your embroidered sportswear.

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