Using Bodywarmers in the Winter

Bodywarmers are the best bet when you want to keep yourself warm during really cold winters. They are designed in such a way that they retain heat with an extra thick layer of padding and do not feel too bulky or heavy while going about your routine. As compared to a regular jacket, bodywarmers allow more freedom of movement. Personalised bodywarmers are a great way to look trendy and stylish while beating the cold.

Why are bodywarmers so useful during the colder weather?

• Bodywarmers provide warmth without restricting arm movement. You can continue with your routine activities without feeling tied up or bulky.

• Bodywarmers are lighter than regular jackets, and are easy to pack and carry along if you are going on a trip.

• Bodywarmers are available in various colours. Because bodywarmers are sleeveless, they won’t hide your clothes completely if you zip them up. You can wear it over your regular shirt or blouse and still look trendy and stylish.

• If you use regular jackets, you will need to wear layers of clothing to keep yourself warm. However, a bodywarmer can keep you warm just by itself.

What are bodywarmers made up of?

Bodywarmers are generally made up of lightweight, padded material such as fleece or polyester. A bodywarmer usually has a full-length zip so you can zip it up and get a close fit.

Some variations of bodywarmers have zip closed front pockets and internal pockets to hold your phone, wallet, etc. They are available in a variety of colours and can be custom printed or embroidered to make them more fashionable.

Why are bodywarmers good for professional and personal use?

Bodywarmers make for perfect workwear. Wearing them to work will keep you warm while you go about your regular meetings, travel, presentations, etc. Custom printed bodywarmers with your company logo will keep your employees warm whilst creating a presence for your brand.

Bodywarmers are also fabulous for everyday use. They keep you warm and cosy without needing too many layers. Bodywarmers can be used while going for a nice walk with family, tending to pets, gardening, jogging, cycling, waiting for the school bus or dropping kids to school.


Bodywarmers are easy to maintain, clean and store in your wardrobe. Your Locker has a range of custom printed bodywarmers and embroidered bodywarmers to make them personal and stylish.