We Accommodate for Infants and Toddlers too

Your Locker offers a range of clothing products for infants and toddlers. From t-shirts and bodysuits to pyjamas and bibs, we offer them all under one roof. All of our products can be customised to your liking.

Here are some of the top reasons why you may want to consider personalised toddler clothing.

Add a Unique Touch

Every parent wants something special for their kids and custom printed toddler clothing is a perfect way to do just that. Do you want to add a special touch to your kid’s clothing? Whether you want to add your toddlers name or print a special design, embroidered toddler clothing can help bring your ideas to life.

Celebrate Your Infant in Style

Every milestone that your infant or toddler reaches is a moment worth treasuring. From the day they are born to their very first word, from their first step to their first day of school, celebrate every milestone with a personalised gift. And there is nothing better than personalised toddler clothing.

Perfect for Twins

If you have twins or triplets, embroidered toddler clothing is a great way to help identify them easily. Moreover, if your toddlers are very close in age or wear the same sizes, it can lead to confusion or even arguments within the kids.

By getting them clothes that are personalised with each child’s name, initial or favourite cartoon, your toddlers can easily distinguish between their items, thereby minimising arguments and squabbles over clothing.

Easy to Identify

If you find yourselves frequently replacing garments such as scarves or jackets that your toddler wears to playschool or during their recreational activities because they have lost them, then buying custom printed toddler clothing is a great idea.

Having your toddler’s initial or name embroidered can make it easy for those who find lost items to return them to you.

Order Embroidered Toddler Clothing from Your Locker

Make your toddler’s clothing unique and special with our extensive range of personalised toddler clothing. Whether you are looking to buy a kids paddle rain suit, baby top knotted hat or children’s pyjamas, we offer a wide range of children’s clothing that can be embroidered or custom printed to make them personal, unique and special.

Whether you want something for your child’s first birthday or a special gift for a birthday party, we have got you covered with our collection of custom printed toddler clothing. Click here to explore our infants and toddlers collection.