Why a Leaving Hoodie is the Perfect Memory?

A leaving hoodie is the perfect memento that reminds you of your school years. It is the perfect gift students can get while wishing them luck for the future. And these days, it is not just about graduation students who love the idea of a personalised leaving hoodie. Kids leavers hoodies are just as loved and popular.

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Here’s why a personalised leaving hoodie is the perfect choice.

Sentimental Value

Traditionally, students loved the idea of getting their shirts autographed with a marker pen by their schoolmates so they could remember them forever. Leaving hoodies are a more modern version where everyone’s names are printed on the hoodie.

The hoodie can be worn at the students’ leaving party, on the last day of school and at a later date for a reunion.

The sentimental value attached to a leaving hoodie is what makes it a very valuable souvenir and a prized keepsake.


Customised leavers hoodies are just what you need to give all your classmates the feeling of unity. A well-designed hoodie that is associated with wonderful memories of school is an integral part of every student’s future life.

This is evident when student reunions popularly call for everyone to wear their school leaving hoodies when attending the party.


A uniform marks your identity. In a similar way, a custom leaving hoodie can create a group identity. When you recall your school life, you will have wonderful memories of the farewell party or the last school trip. With everyone wearing leaving hoodies, the sense of belonging is high.

Get Your Personalised Leaving Hoodies

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