Why We Love Leavers Hoodies

There comes a day when you say good-bye to student life, to all your schoolmates, your teachers and your school. The last day of school is particularly filled with a lot of memories and sentiments.

Traditionally, students have always celebrated the last day of school by autographing each other’s school shirts. From messages of encouragement and sentimental notes to poetry, sketches and even caricatures, school shirts become one of the most precious treasures of life.

But signing school shirts is now almost a thing of the past. Here’s the new trend in town that adds to the sentimental value of last day of school! Personalised leavers hoodies! And there’s nothing to beat their popularity!

Here’s why everyone is falling in love with leavers hoodies.

A Hoodie is for Every Occasion

A hoodie can be worn just about everywhere. It can be part of your everyday wear and it can make for a great formal dress for a public event too! And a leavers hoodie are the perfect memento of your school years.

Let the World Know

Come to think of it, a pen stained school shirt is never worn once you finish school. It becomes a keepsake and you probably take it out of storage once in a while. But a hoodie is something you can wear as an everyday item of clothing, whether indoors or outdoors.

Wearing your custom printed leavers hoodies are just the thing to do when you want to declare to the world where you came from and how much you are beloved by your schoolmates.

Wear Your Sentiments with Pride

Custom leavers hoodies featuring embroidered school logo, a personalised message and the names of your schoolmates can make a big statement.

In fact, with personalised leavers hoodies from Your Locker, you can include an embroidered school logo on the front, the leavers’ names on the back appearing in the number 18 and any other message you’d like. What’s more, we offer the widest range of options when it comes to fabric and colours. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Custom Printed Leavers Hoodies

Embroidered leavers hoodies are making a fashion statement and Your Locker can take you a notch higher. Digitised and embroidered logos, leavers’ names, custom message – you name it and it can be customised on your hoodies in just no time.

So, even if you are just a few days away from your last school day, you are just in time for ordering your leavers hoodies!

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